October 14, 2009

Stylo Mama Multi Functional Stylish Back Pack Set

Stylo Mama Multi Functional Stylish Back Pack Set
RM 225.00 (With postage)


This set consists of:
* Stylo Mama Multi Functional Stylish Back Pack
* Stylo Mama Thermal Stylish Cooler Bag
* 8 Safety Plus Breastmilk Storage BPA Free Bottle (4oz)
* 3 Moms Precious Ice pack

Stylo Mama Multi Functional Stylish Back Pack Features:
* Outer Material: High Grade 600D Nylon
* Suitable for active mother on the go
* Durable Back Pack: Storage for all Breastfeeding supplies
* Displaying a photo pocket or nursing baby to stimulate and makes mama feels comfortable
* Metro Bag's modern design and multi functional
* Suitable for all portable breast pumps Such as Spectra 3, Ameda breast pump
* Dimension: 14 " (H) x 11" (L) x 6" (W)
* Stain & water resistant - easy to clean

Stylo Mama Thermal Stylish Cooler Bag Features:
Outer material: High Grade Neoprene
Dual Usage – Keep Warm or Cold
Double Insulated
Fit up to 10 pcs 4oz milk container
22cm (L) x 23cm (H) x 17cm (W)
With front pocket, PP strap handle
Water resistant – easy to clean

October 12, 2009

Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow with Washable Cover

Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow with Washable Cover
RM76.00 with Postage


Put your choice of colours for the cover either blue, white or brown base at the order form.

Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow props baby up high on mummy's thigh to make breastfeeding a comfortable abd pleasant experience. No more sore and stiff arms!!

Daddies benefits too while bottle feeding baby.

In fact, Bumble bee nursing pillow is useful for any support purposes - even as a chair cushion ring for mothers recoring from the sores of post-delivery.

The soft polyster filling makes a cushion too for baby. Wraps around the waist for secure fit. The U-shape design props baby up with just the right comfort and support. Useful for baby learning to sit or simply to prop up!!

It is made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

October 5, 2009

Spectra 3 breast pump Stylo Mama backpack Set

Spectra 3 breast pump Stylo Mama backpack Set

RM 610.00 (include postage)


Spectra 3 breastpump is lighter compared to Spectra 7 breastpump for the ease of traveling. Its lightweight feature make it easy to carry with the specially designed travel bag together with the cooler bag that allows mother to accommodate breast pump, accessories and milk in only one bag. This breast pump is also providing quiet operation compared to other electric breast pumps thus it is minimizing the disturbance to mother who wish to express breast milk in office or while traveling.

This breast pump is having high suction power which result in shorter period of expressing breast milk and helps to draw out inverted nipples which is the common problem encountered by mothers. However, it is having lower suction power and suction cycle compared to Spectra 7 breastpump as its machine is designed smaller for the travel friendly feature.

Besides, with Spectra 3’s automatic suck-and-release rhythm that simulates an infant’s suction rhythm, it leads to more natural expression of breast milk. Milk production can be maximized as this breast pump provides adjustable suction power that accommodate to individual’s comfort level.

Furthermore, Spectra 3 breastpump is also convertible to double pumping by adding another breast shield set. Double pumping will help to maintain and enhance milk supply and reduce pumping time.

Finally, conversion kit is included to allow breast pump usage on either standard size or wide neck feeding bottles. With separable accessories (breast shield, tubing), it is easy to wash and sterilize.

This set contains:

  1. Spectra 3 Breast Pump

  2. 2 Breastshield Sets

  3. 1 Spectra PP storage bottle

  4. Stylo Mama Backpack bag

  5. Stylo Mama Cooler Bag

  6. 3 Mom Precious Ice Packs

  7. 8 SafetyPlus PP bottles


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